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Engaged in "Friendly" Competition.


fraternizing: a multi-fandom quarterly ficathon
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What's a little competition between friends?

Welcome to Fraternizing.


This is a quarterly ficathon with a revolving door of fandoms each quarter. There are no rules when it comes to pairing or genre, and you can choose which fandom (in that quarter) to write in; all we ask is that you stick to your given prompt, and keep the fic over 1000 words. Prompts will all have a theme in one form or another.

This quarter the fandoms are: Any fandoms!.


  • We're going for a 1000 word minimum, here. We will have betas if you require one.
  • Authors are free to write more than one submission to any challenge. Those who do so are asked to link both entries in one post.
  • Sign-ups are open for roughly a week. Contestants then have a month in which to write their fic, hopefully using the prompt in some way. Then, there will be a one-week posting window, usually about a month after sign-ups have closed.

    (For a full FAQ, please go here.)

  • .H.A.N.D.Y...L.I.N.K.S.

    Credit for the banners: kasuchi
    Credit for the layout: andcolor